How do I know you are qualified? What does MRSS mean?

The Shiatsu Society has two registers of qualified shiatsu practitioners:
MRSS: An independent panel of senior practitioners and teachers of Shiatsu have assessed Members of the professional Register of the Shiatsu Society for professionalism and clinical expertise.
Graduate: Members on the Graduate Listing hold diplomas from the Society's recognized schools following three years of training, but have not yet taken (or passed) the independent MRSS assessment.

You can find my profile on the Shiatsu Society website here.

Is Shiatsu massage?

Shiatsu has some features in common with European-style massage and other forms of bodywork, in that the use of physical pressure and stretches serves to reduce muscular tension and loosen stiff joints. However, unlike massage, the receiver remains clothed during the treatment and the principal aim of Shiatsu is not to work on localised muscles and joints, but on the overall energy system of the client. This is the big difference between Shiatsu and other physical therapies. A Shiatsu practitioner working on a shoulder joint, for example, will not just be focusing on the joint but on the pattern of energy throughout the client's body.

What is Quantum Shiatsu™?

Pauline Sasaki, a leading exponent and teacher in Shiatsu, has developed Quantum Shiatsu™ as a diagnostic and healing massage therapy.

In quantum physics each chemical resonates at its own specific frequency. Astronomers use this knowledge to detect the presence of elements in outer space. And in medicine, it is used in CAT and MRI scans to determine abnormalities in body function. However, these machines produce very high energy.

In comparison, a trained Quantum Shiatsu™ therapist can use the sensitivity of the fingers and hands to detect disharmonies (dis-ease) in the body, and then “re-tune” it with positive, “anti-pathogenic” healing energy (vibrations).
This concept of energy, “Zero Point Field”, is explained in the excellent book: “The Field” by Lynne McTaggart: ISBN:0007145101

Is Shiatsu healing?

It is more accurate to say "Shiatsu aids healing" than "Shiatsu heals". The aim is to assist the body's natural healing process by encouraging the client's energy to move into a more balanced state. A practitioner's touch can enable each of us to contact our own abilities for self-healing. Shiatsu is different from the Western "laying on of hands", where healing energy is believed to pass from the practitioner to the client.

Is it expensive?

It depends on how much you value your health and body in comparison to getting your washing machine repaired, or car serviced!
First treatment with case history is £40; subsequent treatments £30. (Home visits considered)

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