About Shiatsu

Shiatsu is a Japanese Healing Therapy. It combines 5000-year-old Chinese healing wisdom with modern knowledge of anatomy, physiology and pathology. It uses a form of natural healing to balance the body's energy and to stimulate the body's own healing abilities. It is safe for all ages: from babies (and pregnant mums) to the elderly.

It is closely related to the ancient healing art of acupuncture. However, the main distinction between shiatsu and acupuncture is shiatsu's use of finger pressure in place of needles.

If acupuncture and shiatsu are so nearly alike, why use shiatsu, when acupuncture has been practiced for thousands of years and has even achieved respectability in Western medicine? The answer lies in the fundamental nature and sensitivity of the human hand.

Touch is the essence of shiatsu.
A supportive and therapeutic hand in times of stress or injury will always assist recovery.
Finger and palm pressure, with gentle stretches and rotations is used on the ancient Chinese acupuncture points and energy channels.
Through the medium of touch, a trained shiatsu practitioner can activate self-healing mechanisms within the receiver, promoting a heightened sense of well-being in body, mind and spirit.

How does it work?

Quantum Shiatsu™ promotes the positive and creative (anti-pathogenic) energy qualities in the body, and stimulates the para-sympathetic nervous and immune systems to promote healing.

It is amazing and awesome. It works for sound concrete and scientific reasons. It triggers the release of hormones and body chemicals necessary to heal, to soothe and to make the mind and body perform at their peak.

Given the right conditions, your body has a fantastic healing power, and is able to make 500 million new cells every minute. However, stress, caffeine products and nicotine inhibit this healing process.

An illness may be a "wake-up call" to give us permission to change and rest.

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